Tinnitus and Dizziness – Can Tinnitus Cause Dizziness?

Many people have been asking if there is a connection between tinnitus and dizziness. Some tinnitus sufferers complain that they lie on their beds without getting any sleep at night because their ears won’t just stop ringing. Some of them find that they get constant whooping, buzzing or clicking in their ears and end up feeling dizzy.

How are Tinnitus and Dizziness Related? Can Tinnitus Cause Dizziness?

These two conditions have always been closely related. This is because in most cases, dizziness is one common symptom of tinnitus. Infection or even damage to the inner ear can affect a whole body’s balance system, which is closely related to the visual aspect. The vestibular system is the one that links the two and can lead to a feeling of dizziness, hence loss of balance. Majority of tinnitus patients complain of experiencing dizziness.  tinnitus and dizziness

What everyone needs to know is that tinnitus and dizziness is not a disorder by itself, but a rather a symptom of a larger underlying issue. Loss of hearing has been closely related to tinnitus, even though it is not believed to be an actual symptom. However, some people who have developed this condition have severe injuries in their inner ear. This as a result leads to dizziness which may usually occur when it comes to tinnitus.

Since there are numerous causes of tinnitus, it can be hard to point out an exact reason as to why dizziness occurs in those individuals who have it. However, this condition could be permanent with no way of reversing the damage caused. Damage to the hair cells located in the inner hair can be the reason as to why those people suffering from tinnitus ends up feeling dizzy.

Causes of Tinnitus and Dizziness

Loud noise – loud noise irritates the ears and can cause long lasting or permanent damage to the ears, leaving behind a constant ringing which is usually noticeable when one is in quiet places.

Head trauma – some underlying head bumps can have underlying problems that end up causing tinnitus as well as dizziness.

Too much alcohol or caffeine – alcohol and caffeine stimulates one’s brain. Also, it can lead to greater anxiety and result to ear ringing to an extent of causing bigger problem like dizziness.

Anxiety and depression – once an individual has anxiety and depression state, his/her stress levels increase which leads to a spike in pressure, and ultimately tinnitus dizziness.

Medications -There are numerous medications for this condition which includes some forms of antibiotics and can contribute to tinnitus development as well as dizziness which is a common symptom.

Wax Buildup – when one has a large build-up of wax in their ear; this can lead to tinnitus and even dizziness. However, once the wax is removed, the problem of vertigo will be solved.

Measures to take to prevent tinnitus and dizziness

In most cases, an individual suffering from tinnitus or dizziness has an inner ear infection which can make both symptoms to occur simultaneously. However, there are certain measures that can be taken to prevent tinnitus as well as dizziness. These preventive measures should include;

  • Avoiding loud music whenever possible, this working in loud environments such as construction sites and should make go if damaged.
  • Physical trauma can also lead to both conditions, and this is why it is crucial to make good use of all the proper equipment when engaging in physical activities that can lead to possible injury to the ears or head.
  • Another way of staying safe from these conditions is to know all the medications to take in case of an infection. This is because some antibiotics might have ototoxic effects on an individual.

Alternative Tinnitus and Dizziness Treatments

To avoid feeling dizzy as a result of tinnitus, things like homeopathic treatments, vitamin supplementation, herbal remedies and more, depending on individual choice can address some underlying causes of tinnitus which leads to dizziness. All one needs is to talk to talk to their doctors and local experts about the suitability of a given treatment.

Evidently, tinnitus can cause dizziness. Numerous people from all over the world suffer from tinnitus dizziness, but majority of them are not aware of the condition. Tinnitus and dizziness is quite a hard condition and people should seek medical advice on the first set of symptoms.

Updated: July 18, 2016 — 5:03 am

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