Handle Your Tinnitus With These Proven Coping Strategies And Tips

If you hear constant ringing, humming or roaring, there is a good chance that you have tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom that is more common for people between the ages of 55 and 65. If you think you may have tinnitus, there are some very effective strategies you can use in the article below.

When you figure out what caused you to get tinnitus, you then also figure out how to combat against it, as you discover the root of the problem. Once you have seen a couple of ear, nose, and throat specialists, it’s better to spend most of your resources trying to learn about tinnitus and finding treatments that work for you. It is more important to find a treatment that relieves your symptoms, then you can determine the cause of your tinnitus.

Tinnitus sufferers are often told to avoid panicking over their tinnitus. It is actually a true statement. Panic triggers anxiety and stress, both of which can contribute to tinnitus. Fortunately, tinnitus seldom manifests as a result of any serious pathological problem. You may not enjoy it, but do not panic.

TIP! If you are visiting a physician about your tinnitus problems, be sure to bring along a full list of any medications you are taking, including over the counter remedies. Bring along the prescription bottles, as well.

Certain jaw conditions can result in tinnitus symptoms, so it is wise to consult with your dentist. A condition called TMJ, which is a misalignment of the jaw, may be the cause of your tinnitus. If that is what is causing your tinnitus, it is possible for your dentist to correct the alignment, thereby relieving your tinnitus.

Focus on lowering stress levels and see if this will help with your tinnitus. You can either eliminate the situations that cause you stress or try to develop techniques to deal with these situations. A good way to get rid of every day stress is to meditate.

To help you better deal with tinnitus, be sure you’re not suffering by yourself. Let your friends and family know about your condition, and try to explain to them how it affects you. For example, help them visualize trying to sleep while hearing the sound of partying or some awful sound when they are trying to sleep. Sharing what you’re going through will help you to not feel so isolated, and make those close to you understand.

Even being around loud noises one time can cause tinnitus symptoms for up to three days. Soldiers near explosions, as well as those who went to concert and airplane shows, are commonly affected in this way. This type of tinnitus almost always goes away, provided there was no damage to the eardrum.

TIP! If you have increased discomfort from tinnitus during exercise, consider a fitness regimen that is less stressful. Yoga allows you to stretch your body while keeping low blood pressure, which should keep your tinnitus symptoms at bay.

Though many do not associate diet with tinnitus, you will benefit from taking a look at this as a contributing factor. The foods you consume, and the amount of water you drink all have a hand in how your ears fight infection. There are a number of conditions that manifest symptoms of tinnitus or cause the condition.

When you want to fall sleep, focus on relaxation so that you will not think about tinnitus. Try to visualize a relaxing scene, or the word relax, and continue to repeat it. Do different things with the word, including making it change colors, change size, or move about. Doing all this applies your concentration towards your internal mind, rather than on whatever you are hearing outside.

If tinnitus is keeping you awake, imagine yourself in a wheat field. Imagine that the sound you experience is the rustling of wheat waving in the breeze, and picture clouds and birds passing by in the sky. Concentrate on the sound of the wind, and you will soon have forgotten about your tinnitus. Imagine the dreams you’ll have with this vision!

New research shows that taking magnesium in high doses has the potential of reducing tinnitus symptoms. Talk with your doctor about this treatment. He can tell you the proper dosage and if it is safe for you.

TIP! Sometimes medications are linked to tinnitus. It might be worth the effort to go over your full list of prescription and over the counter medications with your physician to see if they are causing your problems.

Never panic if you are experiencing symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a temporary condition if you’re lucky. It may not be a chronic problem or even one that you have to deal with for a long period of time. Most tinnitus sufferers do not have symptoms for their entire lives. You may have to do some research and get medical care but tinnitus can disappear as mysteriously as it appeared.

Now that you know common causes and treatments for tinnitus, you can do what’s necessary to control your symptoms. After you have ruled out any medical condition with your doctor, try using these powerful tips to help you feel better fast.

Updated: April 24, 2013 — 5:02 pm

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